Fireman Surprises Girlfriend With A Marriage Proposal During A Drill

7 years ago

A man in a uniform really seals the deal. During a training session at the Fire Department of New York’s Fire Academy, one of the firemen had a little surprise waiting for his girlfriend.

These brave men, double strapped and secured, hang over the wall, being lowered down bit by bit by their fellow colleagues and as they go down they are introduced by a man speaking loudly over a microphone. They practice a rescue pickup from someone’s window The <a href="" target="_blank">firemen</a> are greeted with rounds of enthusiastic applause. For one of the firemen, the person waiting for him is his real-life girlfriend.

When they are on the third floor window, the firefighter on the left gives hints to the man on the <a href="" target="_blank">roof</a> to stop pulling him because he has decided to ask his girlfriend the big question in front of a large group of spectators. He pops the question while rappelling off a roof. We are still not sure what he is doing since we only see his back but judging by the exhilarating shouts of the crowd, we know that they tied the knot. To his fortunate relief, the whole act must have impressed her. Totally caught off guard, she says yes.

The rescue mission is successfully accomplished as we can see the two lovebirds being wrapped in a huge hug and do not want to let go of each other. Once on the ground, their Romeo and Juliet act turns into more cuddles and kisses. We wish them life full of love, joy and happiness.

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