Big Dog Is Having None Of His Owner's Apologies

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Living with a dog is the source of many great experiences, fun anecdotes, and usually a beautiful, long-lasting friendship. However, cohabitation means that conflicts and accidents happen from time to time. We may step on our dog's paw or pull on their tail accidentally, or scold them when they are not at fault. While by all logic we know that our dog loves us and doesn't mind much that we accidentally hurt them, sometimes we still feel bad and want to apologize.

A perfect example of an owner trying to make an apology to her dog is this video with Ralphie the Newfoundland. He is so upset with his owner that he gives her the coldest shoulder given by a dog. Though we may think that dogs are just simple animals, they can understand humans well. Ralphie creates positive association with his owner鈥檚 words and he knows that saying sorry is a nice thing to hear and it has a pleasing sound to his ears. It is until she says the magic words, "I'm sorry" that he does the sweetest thing one could do. We, humans can totally learn something from our four legged creatures.

Ralphie鈥檚 owner talks to him calmly and soothingly with a slightly high-pitched voice. Being the sweetest and the kindest dog one will ever meet, he forgives her, climbs in her lap and he is all over her. You can always tell what he is trying to say with his eyes. He is such a lover! Ralphie enjoys her cuddle and now life can take its normal course again.

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