Dogs Are Not Just Pets, They Are Members Of The Family

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: February 28, 201791,456 views
Published: February 28, 2017

Pet owners and viewers, prepare to have your heart melted as this compilation of cute dog moments with the family will warm you up! This video consists of different moments of Charlie the Beagle interacting with his family, especially with young toddler Laura Olivia.

Charlie is a huge star online, mostly because of his priceless friendship with Laura Olivia. The two have been practically inseparable ever since Laura’s parents brought her home for the first time. Our favorite moment of the two is when he stole her rattler, then had to had to apologize when the baby started crying. It cracks us up every time!

This video shows that pets are more than just pets, they are friends and amazing companions, but they are especially family. This video can't help but to make you smile as the beagle and the toddler seem like inseparable friends!

Pets are very valuable to your family and should be treated like family. They can help brighten up your day even though it may seem dark. They provide emotional support and all in all, make life better! These adorable moments from this video are a prime example of this. Plus this beagle is so cute, wouldn't you want a cute dog like this?

Dogs like this only deserve the best dog toys on Amazon. In fact all dogs and pets deserves the best, you should treat them the way you treat your family!

Dogs are more than pets - they are family | Charlie The Beagle
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