Owner Tells Guilty Dog To Smile, Pooch Gladly Obliges

NewsflarePublished: August 25, 2017532 views
Published: August 25, 2017

No matter how cute they are, a culprit is still guilty of their crime, especially if caught red handed in their own mess! One such adorable vandal was caught between the remnants of a mess he made in the middle of the living room and tried to extract the goodness in his owner’s heart by revealing the most adorable puppy face you can imagine. Awww… no!

No, you cannot make a mess like this and try to pull yourself out of it by looking like the saddest pooch in the neighborhood, no! “Every time you do something wrong, you look guilty like this. Don’t show me that sad face. Smile!” says the human who caught the poor Golden Retriever buried into piles upon piles of ripped papers.

The dog knows he’s guilty and he is trying to get on his human’s good side, so the minute she tells him to smile, the pooch pulls out a huge grin, perhaps in the hopes of getting away with it.

Dogs can play the “guilt card” like the most seasoned of actors for one good reason: they do not want the alphas - that would be the owners - to be upset. No matter if they did something wrong or not. It’s a form of preemptive submissive behavior when reacting to our anger as their way to appease us so we can calm down.

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