Baby Sees Her Kitty For The First Time Thanks To A Stylish Pair Of Glasses

Published March 29, 2018 4,214 Plays $9.13 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsBabies are a true delight to have, no matter how hard they can be to raise. It is difficult for a parents, especially a first-time parent, not to fret when their kid falls down or touches something they shouldn’t and shoves it in its mouth.

All parents strive to provide their kids with the best possible life they can. So when their child is born with a defect of some kind, it is in every parent’s code that they turn the world over for a solution that will make the baby’s life easier.

We can’t really know what happened to this baby for her to need glasses at such a tender age. Usually babies start to recognize faces before they reach their first year, but this little girl had troubles. So the good doctor prescribed her some stylish eyewear and the result is evident.

The baby has a best friend in the shape of the family cat. Up until this point, she couldn’t see what this ball of fluff was, but she knew that it is a friendly creature that loves to cuddle and vibrates when you touch it. Now, with the help of her new glasses, the babe finally saw what this loving creature was - a kitty!

The girl squeals and laughs with joy when the cat makes a run for it behind the camera. She is so happy, mommy can barely hold her baby girl. And she is so tiny! The only thing sweeter than this was the time a tiny baby girl saw her mom for the first time. Instant cheer all around!