Nature Calls This Boston Terrier To Become A Sheep Herder

Published March 20, 2018 1,047 Views $25.74 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAn adorable Boston Terrier is possibly one natural sheep herder as footage shows how she manages to repeatedly round-up flocks. Hilarious footage shows the cheerful dog running around in circles on a field, chasing after several dozens of sheep. Who would have known that such a dog could be capable of chasing sheep?

Basil Heart from Honololulu, Hawaii gets a shot to prove that she is more than just your average smoosh-face couch lump. After watching her herding dog friends have fun in the ring demonstrating their amazing herding abilities, everyone thought it would be neat to see what the tiny Boston Terrier would do. Always eager to please and being the ball-obsessed dog that she is, we also thought it would be neat to see what she was capable of.

To everyone's amazement little Basil Heart, at first unsure of what to think once entering the ring, immediately took chase once the sheep started going. It was amazing to see such a little dog, which is not a usual bred for herding, take the challenge to keep the herd in line!

This shepherd dog has proved to have such an innate, but unusual rapport with the sheep that owners should put his talents into practice and seek assistance and employ him as full-time sheepdog.

Watching this tiny pooch brave up and chase down a flock of sheep like she was trained to do so her entire life, proves to us that she is a natural born sheep leader. She sure deserves to be praised for her impeccable talent!