Lazy Shepherd Dog Took A Day Off And Hitched A Ride On A Sheep

6 years ago

A hilarious video has emerged showing a sleepy, little shepherding dog caught lying down on the job. This lazy pooch sure has a very unique technique for guarding the herd of sheeps.

Footage shows a herd of sheep resting on a grassy green hill and a tiny pooch lazily lolling about on top of one sheep. This sleepy shepherd dog is not the right for this job as he is lying on the back of a wooly sheep and relaxing under the sun.

Watch how comfortable this dog looks hanging out on sheep's back. He yawns and has a very pleasant gaze. He must be enjoying the cozy, warm blanket. Moments later, when the sheep began to saunter off, the dog kept his balance and went for a bumpy ride.

This comical encounter between a dog and sheep was captured on December 9, 2017 in Fordongianus, Italy featuring a herd of sheep guarded by this sleeping beauty. Herding dogs are responsible for rounding up flocks by running around, barking incessantly and nipping at the animals' heels. Shepherding dogs also make strong eye contact with the animals in order to guide them to the right direction. This funny little pup must have taken a day off!

At least, this adorable, furry dog managed to hitch a ride back home. We cannot help but wonder how on earth he managed to get up on the sheep's back and managed to maintain his balance. Watch as the herd of sheep strolls away and this sheep dog continued to enjoy his free ride! Hilarious!

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