Mesmerising Mass Sheep Herding

Published March 15, 2017 26,527 Plays

Rumble It’s woolly’s roundup as this amazing footage will truly mesmerize you! This incredible footage of hundreds of sheep being herded across New Zealand’s grasslands will blow you away. The amazing footage shows hordes of sheep stampeding their way across a field, being rounded up by dogs as they migrate to a new field. The mesmerizing scenes were caught on film by aerial photographer and qualified pilot Tim Whittaker, from New Zealand.

This footage is really amazing. Who knew something like herding sheep could make such good drone footage! There is just something very mesmerizing about the whole herd moving as one through that tiny gate, into a larger area. Sort of like watching sand fall through an hour glass. This is one video that should not be missed!

The cinematography was breath-taking in this video. It is because videos like this that drones from Amazon are flying off the shelves and becoming so popular!

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