Helpful Newfoundland uses snowblower to clean driveway

Published March 5, 2018 3,061 Plays $7.39 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when a massive pooch decides to lend a helping paw to owners and takes snowblower in her own paws, for better cleaning the driveway! Amazing!

Teaching your pet pooch some useful tricks can prove very beneficial, but teaching your pooch how to run errands and help with household chores will give you a housekeeper for life!

Snowfall and bad weather conditions usually mean there will be a lot of snow to be shoveled away from entryways, driveways, basically everywhere you need to go to get out into the world. However, when you're such a big dog it's easy to help out your owners the best way you can. Watch as this obedient Newfoundland pooch lends a paw to help clean the driveway with a snowblower!

Meet Morgan, also known as Miss Goo, the snow shoveling dog who helps her humans with chores around the house. The bulky six-year-old pooch loves the snow and know how perfectly how to shovel snow with the help of the snowblower. Watch how cool she looks, standing on her hind legs, pushing the machine down the snowy road! Amazing!

We bet neighbors want to hire this dog for a little help in their driveways as well. It is amazing how this well-trained dog doesn’t mind doing chores around the household, especially in bad weather conditions!

Owners brag that Miss Goo can do just about anything because she’s wicked smart. From cooking hotdogs to fetching drinks from the fridge, she is very helpful indeed.

It took her about a month to master the snowblower machine. In fact, she found a fun way to learn how to walk on her hind legs, and didn’t mind the noise and the vibration the machine produces.