Helpful Newfie Fetches Beer And Snacks For Owner

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Published: March 5, 2018Updated: March 6, 2018

Teaching your pet pooch some useful tricks can prove very beneficial for your mutual life together. Stuff like “sit”, “stay”, “drop it” and “do not go in my food” should be essential, setting the boundaries of each other’s space and where your pup can and can not go. You build it up from there; teaching your dog stuff like “roll over”, fetching your slippers and what not strengthens the bond between you and your faithful companion, ultimately making you beast buddies for life.

Since you are teaching your dog to fetch stuff for you - a personal, four-legged, slobbery butler, if you will - why not teach it some really cool stuff too? How about teaching it to fetch you a beer? The star of this highly entertaining and very educational video is Morgan the Newfoundland dog. Her owners like to call her Miss Goo, a moniker we will not delve deeper into, but will leave it to your imagination.

Mis Goo here is training to be one such personal, four-legged, slobbery butler for her owner. Her owner calls her up and tells her straight up “go over there and get a beer”. Like a true butler, the Newfie does not hesitate, but just turns around on her heels and heads straight for the kitchen with her steady and graceful pace. She grabs the handle her owner left on the fridge door and flings it open, grabs the can of beer gently with her big mouth, then prances right back to the living room, where her thirsty owner awaits his refreshment. It seems the can is too cold for the furry dog, so she drops it twice, but it doesn’t matter. She comes right back to close the fridge door, because every cent spent on the electricity bill means less money for treats.

The human then reminds her of the pretzels and she so eagerly obliges. She even picks up the empty cans and tosses them in the garbage!

Fetching beer isn’t the only helpful thing Miss Goo does around the house. She can vacuum her hairy mess and even helps her owner shovel snow outside. Is there something this big pooch can’t do?

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