Newfie Dog Loves Helping Her Owner Shovel Snow

Published March 5, 2018 1,977 Views $0.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen you're such a big dog it's easy to help out your owners when you can. Miss Goo the Newfoundland lends a paw to help shovel the driveway!

The white stuff is back, leaving Earthlings divided on the subject. While some curse the moment it started snowing, others just can’t wait for it to cover everything, because that means snow angels and snowball fights and everything nice and quiet. But when everything is nice and quiet, it usually means that there will be a lot of snow to be shoveled away from entryways, driveways, basically everywhere you need to go to get out into the world.

One of the places that gets a lot of snow during snowy season is Sunnybrae in Nova Scotia, which means that residents need a lot of help removing all that snow. Dean and Grace Edwards live near Salmon Arm and when the snow hits hard, they don’t hire helping hands. They just give a shovel to Miss Goo, their six-year-old Newfoundland dog, who they’ve trained to help around with the chore.

“The snow shovel was no problem to teach, because she knows how to take stuff and hold it in her mouth,” Dean told local newspaper. “But the snowblower took about a month. She was happy to jump up there and the noise and vibration didn’t bother her a bit, but teaching her to walk on her back legs, that’s a difficult thing to learn.”

Miss Goo isn’t just good with snow. She can also fetch a beer from the kitchen and snacks from the cupboards, always remembering to close the doors afterwards. She also does the vacuuming too! She is quite the nanny!