Hitchhiking Spider Decides To Take A Ride In Girl’s Car

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Published: January 29, 2018

A Sydney woman has filmed her hilarious battle to flush an enormous huntsman spider out of her car after it terrorised her for four days straight. Candii Banks has revealed the terrifying moment she found a huge hairy spider lurking on the sun visor of her car. She first spotted the harmless spider crawling along her dashboard and onto her window as she drove to work.

First footage was filmed on January 16, 2018 in Sydney, Australia when a young woman noticed a hairy Huntsman Spider hitching a ride in her car. The little fellow managed to hitch her car for four straight days, before she finally took the courage to release him into the wild.

Footage shows the unwanted eight-legged passenger casually strolling around the car, hitchhiking a ride downtown. This woman, who is obviously not afraid of spiders, decided to document her four-day battle with this cheeky huntsman spider hiding in her car. This is the story of Candii Banks, who had to deal with an evasive huntsman camping out in her car for four days straight.

Banks was driving to work when she noticed the uninvited visitor crawling around in her car. First, she tried to get rid of it by turning the air-conditioner on. Footage shows how Candii takes the spider and releases it to freedom and off the vehicle. However, his quest wasn’t over. This Houdini huntsman spider managed to hunt Banks for two more days, with Banks documenting everything on her dashcam and smartphone.

Fortunately, Banks armed herself with a “spider catcher”, a long-handled dishwashing brush with a claw mechanism, that helped her snatch the spider and release it into the wild. What a story!

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