Uninvited Huntsman Spider Holds Couple Hostage

Published July 28, 2017 1,282 Views $2.44 earned

Rumble Lauren Ansell from Queensland, Australia was cooking dinner with her boyfriend when an unexpected visitor turned their quiet evening into a night of terror. Somehow this huntsman spider managed to lock the homeowners in a vicious stand-off.

This horrifying dinner plate-sized beast wasn’t in the mood for any funny business and didn’t want to be bothered when he showed up on the doorstep on July 16, 2017 in this couple’s home in Australia.

When this uninvited guest turned up at the door this couple was sure disturbed, Lauren Ansell can be heard screaming for help as her boyfriend is using the cat to scare the spider away.

Even though this spider is not extremely dangerous to humans, it bites if aggravated. As funny as it may sound, this bad boy was holding this couple hostage and was not happy when they tried to move him. Also, their poor cat was afraid of the demonic creature.

Ansell’s partner attempted to crush the eight-legged aggressor using the glass door, but this intruder retreated with minor wounds. They even named the spider ‘Aragog’ from the Harry Potter movie and this name is well fitting because of his huge long legs and scary appearance, that make him look like he came out of the forbidden forest.

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