Jaw-Dropping Milky Way Timelapse Is Something To Behold

Published December 13, 2017 2,550 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesNow, whatever you are doing at this moment is not as nearly important. Drop it down, make sure you put this amazing video of the Milky Way on full screen and relax in your chair for at least few minutes.

Just as the bright city lights are safely left far away, there, in the great outdoors, the Milky Way begins to become plainly visible up above. The forest is getting softly covered by the pitch-black night sky above and after setting of the sun the sky slowly shows this surreal landscape. You just need to peer deep into the glowing stars, seemingly scattered on this night playground above the head, and take a magical journey of your own imagination. It almost looks outlandish, just like a painting. Meanwhile, shooting stars whiz by, creating the feeling that you are floating in space.

The video shown at the top of this page may not be action-packed or brimming with laughter, but it is amazing in its own way. The reason for this is very simple: this is the actual image our pre-industrial ancestors had the privilege to see every night, and all they had to do is raise their heads to the night sky. Nowadays, this is extremely rare to see, except if you are ready to go away in remote areas lacking urban lighting and waiting for a moonless night. So, if you have the chance to do so, pack your bags, take a soft duvet and find the perfect spot. Do not attempt to shoot a stop motion video, just allow yourself to actually experience the moment for yourselves. It is something worth experiencing!