Incredible Moment When Pug Reunites With Owner

Published December 1, 2017 22,050 Views

Rumble A moment that every pet owner fears might happen, loosing his own pet, or even worse, having it stolen. A nightmare that ends only after he is reunited with it.

23-year old Kate Witham had been the victim of burglary at her home in Harlow and the burglars had seen the pedigree pooch as worthy of stealing. After Kate’s pug Lola was stolen during a house burglary, she worried that was the last time she saw her beloved pet.

After police arrested three people in connection with the robberies, Lola was left in their care. When police officers at Harlow Police Station rescued tiny dog Lola, they informed Kate and set an reunion with her beloved dog. The officers quickly contacted Ms. Witham and told her the pet had been found.

However, the officers at the police station weren't quite prepared for the emotions and joy when pug Lola saw a familiar face.

When the dog heard the voice of her owner a short distance away, she ran like a bolt of lightning to reach her. “Hello puppy dog” was enough for Lola to run in her owner’s embrace.

Lola just could not stop licking her owner's face. Pure joy!

Their loving embrace and the meeting were captured on video.

Credit to 'Essex Police'.

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