Hilarious Slow Motion Video Captures Moment A Dog Sees His Owner At Day Care

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Published: April 25, 2017

Sadie the dog always gets extremely excited when being collected from doggie daycare by her owner, in Vancouver, Canada. This video, filmed in March, demonstrates Sadie’s sheer thrill upon witnessing her beloved human pal, as she jumps for joy over a door, just to catch a glimpse of her owner. Better yet, the video is recorded in super slow-motion to add an impact on the cuteness scale. According to her owner Sadie has been doing this since she was a puppy. Amazing!

The special bond enjoyed between dog owners and pets takes epic proportions. Canines love and appreciate you as much as you love and appreciate them. Just like any other relationship you have, love is a two way street. It is obvious that these two have a bond that cannot be broken and that they will be best friends for a very long time.

Footage shows a dog jumping with excitement, happy that owner is here to pick her up from doggy daycare center. We see a small wooden door and moments later we see a happy dog’s face peeking from behind. It looks like Sadie is bouncing on a trampoline, jumping for joy and trying to catch a glimpse of owner’s face! What an adorable reaction. Have you ever seen anything like this precious dog before?

Lovely dog Sadie takes the time spent apart from her owner very seriously. Every reunion between her and her owner is special even if they’ve spent only a couple of hours apart. She is always excited to see her owner, it is the highlight of her day! Adorable!

Footage, shot on April 25, 2017, features the energetic dog hopping up into the air in slow motion time. Once she spots her owner on the other side of the blue barrier dog, Sadie is over the moon. Just seeing her human’s face makes her feel overjoyed and ready to go home!

Her owner decided to film her eager reaction and share it with the world in order to show that dogs are really man’s best friend! Maybe she thinks that the higher she jumps, the sooner she will be returned to her owner? Cutie pie!

When the dog jumps, her owner captures her glorious leap in slow motion. She continues to jump up and down and doesn’t want to wait even a minute more to be in her owner’s arms again! She just misses him so much!

Credit: sundays.with.sadie via Storyful

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