Pug models ridiculous watermelon helmet

PugandcatPublished: June 27, 2016Updated: June 28, 201628,172 views
Published: June 27, 2016Updated: June 28, 2016

There have been a lot of bizarre and unique fashion trends now a days, but we bet that you have not seen fashion like this before! In this adorable and hilarious video, watch as this cute pug (Bandito) models a unique watermelon hat! We do not mean a hat that looks like a watermelon or has a watermelon design to it, we mean that this pug is wearing an actual watermelon as a hat! Talk about crazy! This is one video that no pet owner or viewer should miss!

This has to be one of the craziest dog videos on the internet! We knew that dogs liked to eat things such as watermelon, but who would have thought that they would like it so much that they would wear it as a hat as well? It seems that Bandito the pug really does love his watermelon!

This adorable dog seems like he is having the time of his life! His owner seems to be having a lot of fun as well creating these funny and unique videos! Bandito and his owner must be the best of friends! The owner must take the good care of their canine companion; walking them, playing with them and giving them the best dog food! It seems like they will be best friends for a very long time!

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      Parker949f ยท 1 year ago

      Very cute! Love it....good music too