Rescuers Toss Lost Sea Otter Pup Back Into The Ocean To Be Reunited With Mom

Published November 2, 2017 20,976 Views

Rumble If you or your little one ever got lost in a crowded place, then you probably know very well the panic that sets in until you find them. There can be nothing worst than imagining the worst! It can happen to anyone, animals included!

In this video, posted by Dr. Heather Harris of The Marine Mammal Center and Tim Cowan of Morro Bay Harbor Patrol, we get to see just how happy a mommy otter was, when dr. Harris’s team returned her lost pup into the water. In the clip, we learn that the silly pup got separated from mom because of the strong tides that day. Luckily, workers heard the crying pup and scooped him out before he floated away further.

With the baby safely on board, the men searched for the mom. Even though they cannot be 100% certain that the female will take the pup back, they held the pup above water to alert the mother that the baby is near.

Fortunately, this mother’s instincts were iron-clad, as she floated up in the blink of an eye to accept her pup back, before they swam away. Aww!

Not only are these little animals seasoned swimmers, they are also expert jugglers! Visitors at the Dudley ZOO in the UK had quite the spectacle at the otter enclosure, when they saw the Asian otters laying on their backs in the sun, with rocks in their paws. That wouldn’t be all too unusual, if the otters weren’t juggling the stones like professional buskers, not dropping their props once!