Cute Otters Show Amazing Dexterity As They Juggle With Stones

NewsflarePublished: August 2, 201760 views
Published: August 2, 2017

Visitors at the Dudley ZOO in the UK had quite the spectacle at the otter enclosure, when they saw the Asian otters laying on their backs in the sun, with rocks in their paws. That wouldn’t be all too unusual, if the otters weren’t juggling the pebbles like professional buskers, not dropping their props once!

The visitor who shot the adorable footage said: “Looking closely how they're 'juggling' the pebbles from one paw to another. Amazing 'ball' sorry stone control." (sic)

Otters are often observed playing and juggling with stones and pebbles, both in the wild and in ZOOs. There are several videos of their unique juggling technique that you can watch online. These adorable expert swimmers have been seen juggling one, two, even three rocks at the same time!

Yet the question as to why they do it, its purpose and gain from it remains unanswered. A theory goes around that it has something to do with their eating behavior, since otters can also often be seen using rocks to smash shells so that they reveal the delicious meat inside. There also have been instances of otters defending their ‘tools’ from other otters.

Whatever the case, watching them juggle with such amazing dexterity, while also squeaking as if they are having a blast, can cheat a smile off even the stoutest of faces!

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