Playful River Otter Sliding On Snow Will Melt You In A Puddle

StoryfulPublished: February 6, 201715,522 views
Published: February 6, 2017

In case you have not been convinced enough already of how fun and extraordinarily lively otters can be, then we think we have found just the right clip for you! When snow comes, every living being likes to frolic in it, and that includes these expert swimmers.

Wildlife photographer Barrett Hedges filmed this adorable footage of a river otter enjoying the snow at Yellowstone National Park. The photographer was watching a family of river otters on the Yellowstone River in Wyoming when an otter pup started running and sliding on the ice. The pup continued to slide on the ice repeatedly for over an hour, and Hedges was lucky enough to capture the fun on video.

On the video, originally posted on the BearHead Photography Facebook page, Mr Hedges wrote: 'River otters are some of the most fun wild animals to watch!” The clip was taken while Mr. Hedges was on a workshop tour in Yellowstone. Since it was published, Facebook users have seen the video more than 72,000 times!

Pun masters have had a field trip in their comments bellow the video. Some are pretty straightforward ‘I otter tell you I love otters!’, but the one that we just can’t seem to run away from, and probably neither can Adele, is 'Hello from the otter slide.'

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