Awesome Dad Knows Exactly How To Calm Down Fussy Baby

EmmaMartinPublished: August 1, 2017Updated: August 2, 201713,292 views
Published: August 1, 2017Updated: August 2, 2017

You might think that it must have been awesome to be a baby, not having a care in the world and everyone falls over backwards to fulfill your every whim. All you have to do is eat, sleep and poop, all day long, and it doesn’t even have to be in that exact order!

But think about it - adults use their words to communicate and say what they need or want. Babies can’t do that! And since all they know is their own needs, but they can’t communicate them for adults to understand, they start to nag and fuss about it. It has been driving parents insane since the beginning of time.

Babies can fuss even when all they want is a bit of attention. Paediatricians advise that playing “white noise” sounds, like turning on the hairdryer, or the washing machine, or maybe sounds of waves or wind can help soothe your baby. It reminds them of the time when all was well in mommy’s womb. And it works most of the time. But some babies just want something more extreme.

This couple has discovered that when their son starts to fuss, he will always calm down when he hears 'Inside the Fire' by Disturbed. No other song will do, but when he hears this one he instantly cheers up!

Emma Martin and her husband are big fans of the heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They have probably been listening to it while Emma was pregnant with their son, which means that this is what their kid recognizes as “white noise”.

So, dear future parents - if you want your kid to love your music when it comes to this world, remember to play some for it before it pops out!

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