Learn How To Swaddle Your Fussy Newborn Baby To Calm It Down

9 years ago

If you’ve never had a child, then the idea of wrapping your newborn baby up so tightly that it can’t move its arms might sound like a crazy idea. But most experienced parents will tell you their newborn is comforted when wrapped in a swaddle — they cry less and sleep more when they’re in the blanket.

Generally, swaddling is safe for all babies. Somewhere between three and four months, most can stop being swaddled – but especially fussy kiddos can be wrapped up until nine months. The tightly wrapped blanket helps keep your little one warm and sleep through the night… what could be better?

YouTube baby guru Drahbany recently took to the internet to give us all some insight into how to swaddle correctly. Along with his 5-day-old daughter, who may be the real star of his tutorial, Drahbany was able to calm his kiddo down in a minute flat.

Using his “Happiest Baby on The Block" technique, he shows a simple 3 step folding process called the Up-Down-Up-Down method that calmed his baby down in the cutest way. It keeps the baby’s arms next to its body, safely away from tiny baby eyes and makes for one adorable baby burrito. That is so cute and oh my gosh, so effective! So next time your baby fusses, remember the three S’s: swaddle, side and shush. It’s a proven recipe!

What an amazing father and amazing technique! We hope this video will help a lot of father around the world, who have a newborn. Tricks and tips like this are always welcome to new parents. Do you think this was helpful?

If you have a crying baby, swaddling can comfort her and help stop the tears. If you have a fussy baby, we are here to share some more tips that will help, and you will thank us later!

If your baby doesn’t calm after you clothe them, you can also try with rocking them in a chair soothe them with white noise. Rocking your baby in a rocking chair is probably one of the most cherished and time-honored rituals, and also by adding some white noise like turning on the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer, it will help your baby to calm down.

Also, other techniques that can help you soothe your child are singing a song to them or giving them a massage, or if there is a beautiful day outside why not take a walk or stroll in the neighborhood? We hope this will help you!

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