Hairdresser Cuts Long Hair Very Short To Reveal The Gray

6 years ago

Let’s be honest here, trends are very hard to keep up with. It’s difficult to have the shortest bob one season, and then realize that the following season, long luscious hair is the new in. Trends vary based on the season, the demographics, the new style trends and honestly, not all trends are that good.

This girl went from very long hair to extremely short hair and was completely up for it. She had worn her hair long for a very long time, so she decided that it was finally time for a change. Long to short can be fun!

Kerry kept a long, thick fist of processed hair and still she couldn't tackle the grays growing underneath. She was really tired of the process, actually, so she decided to take the step further into the unknown realm of sexy short looks! She is a very good looking woman and the average look just isn't for her. Even if the gray was not an issue, she would want to do something different with her hair and try out new, daring and exciting styles.

And look at the difference! Her new hair length perfectly suits the lines of her jaw, and to make things even more exciting, the hue of the silver in her hair makes her eyes pop and radiate. After the cut, she looks like a totally different person altogether!

And who is to blame for such an awesome transformation? The Makover Guy, of course!

There are popular TV show series that focus on makeovers people go through. Popular shows such as "What Not To Wear" and "Extreme Makeover" have taken over the world. It seems that the audience is really interested in this kind of programs and lately, the world is truly embracing that trend with open arms. Take a look at this hair and shaving makeover by the famous Christopher Hopkins.

The world knows him as The Makeover Guy® from his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show and other national TV shows. Christopher Hopkins believes that women get better with age, but they often feel less attractive. For more than 20 years now, he has been encouraging people, men and women to come out of the shadows and take a center stage.

Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka "The Makeover Guy" is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, media personality, singer and makeover artist. Christopher has inspired, educated and entertained audiences around the world. Through his television and radio appearances, hundreds of thousands have used his straightforward advice to look their absolute best. The Makeover Guy has given a lot of women true blessing by transforming them into beauties. This is one incredible woman who had her hidden beauty discover by Christopher! He is a complete life changer!

Subscribe : - Visit Website : . Kerry Grundhoefer was ready to cut off all her hair and release the silver hair underneath. At 41 she's a beauty. Sensitivity to hair color, maintenance and a general feeling her hair wasn't revealing her inner self allowed her to make the dramatic change. One way to grow out grey hair is gradually, but cutting it all off is another. We went with the drama.

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