Little Girl Has "Einstein Hair" - A Rare Mutation Affecting Only 100 People Worldwide

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Published: May 4, 2018

Have you ever heard about Einstein hair? Well, if you haven’t we are here to explain! Einstein's hair is a condition that is caused by a mutated gene which creates abnormal heart-shaped hair follicles instead of round ones. Scientist Albert Einstein, who is famous for his frizzy do, is also said to have been a sufferer, that’s why this condition is named after him!

Evelyn Cubbedge, of Lawtey, Florida, USA, has Uncombable Hair Syndrome, a gene mutation that affects less than 100 people worldwide, causing disorderly strands that cannot be combed flat. The five-years-old straw-like blonde locks naturally stand up and never grow long enough for her to need a haircut. Suffering from the same condition that Albert Einstein was believed to have, strangers, say that the girl looks like the 19th-century scientist and often ask if she was electrocuted.

She looks so adorable and cute! We also found out that she never had a haircut! Her mom cuts what she can to make her feel better, but it’s usually just one or two long pieces. Amazing! Evelyn understands that her hair is different than everyone else’s, so for the most part it doesn’t bother her.

Evelyn’s family is going to keep her hair as is. Her mom said: “It’s what makes her unique. We’re not going to do anything about it unless it bothers her more as she gets older.” What an incredible story and adorable girl!

A young lady doing combating an ultra-uncommon condition that causes 'Einstein hair' is challenging savage remarks as outsiders advise her 'shocked' locks look wonderful.

Evelyn Cubbedge, of Lawtey, Florida, has Uncombable Hair Syndrome, a quality change that influences 100 individuals around the world, causing muddled strands that can't be brushed level.

The five-year-old's straw-like blond bolts normally stand up and never become sufficiently long for her to require a hairstyle. Suffering from the same condition that Albert Einstein was believed to have, strangers, say that the girl looks like the 19th-century scientist and often ask if she was electrocuted.

This uncombable hair syndrome is a rare structural anomaly of the hair with a variable degree of effect. It was first reported in the early 20th century. It becomes apparent from as little as 3 months to up to 12 years of age. The hair is normal in quantity and is usually silvery-blond or straw-colored. It is disorderly, it stands out from the scalp, and cannot be combed flat. It can be controlled by braiding methods. The underlying structural anomaly is longitudinal grooving of the hair shaft, which appears triangular in cross-section.

Experiencing a similar condition that Albert Einstein was accepted to have, outsiders, say that the young lady resembles the nineteenth-century researcher and regularly inquire as to whether she was electrocuted.

While her mother Nicole, 34, gets disappointed with the inconsiderate remarks, she feels like they are dominated by the numerous compliments her little girl gets. The mother has a go at putting Evelyn's hair in a ponytail with hairspray, however even that doesn't shield it from staying up for long.

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      Nmdouglass · 35 weeks ago

      Teo of my three kids have this

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      jessdudik · 35 weeks ago

      My son was diagnosed with this over 5 years ago. We all love his permanent Rockstar hair! I have all the documents from the doctor as well. I would post a picture but I don't know how.

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      Mel83 · 35 weeks ago

      She is beautiful! she can rock that hair! 💗

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      Heav2267 · 34 weeks ago

      Mannnn all black kids got this she not special

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        Alex225 · 30 weeks ago

        I am dead 😂