Woman Makes Stunning Realization After Finding Sand Dollar

Published September 20, 2017 3,910,548 Plays

Rumble Anyone who has ever been to the beach has found one of these round, cream colored discs that we lovingly call ‘sand dollar’. We love the recognizable design, shape and color and no visit to the <a href="https://rumble.com/v31hqc-fairy-dogs-on-long-sea-coast.html" target="_blank">beach</a> is the same without a scavenger hunt to take one of these seaside keepsakes home.

But did you know that those cream colored dollars are actually living beings? Do not be surprised when we tell you that sand dollars are actually flattened, distant cousins of <a href="https://rumble.com/v37brf-60-year-old-man-catches-sea-urchins-with-his-bare-hands.html" target="_blank">sea urchins</a> - those same ones that we look to steer clear of when going in the water. Also, there are a not-so-flattened variety that are called sea biscuits!

The dark side of this adventurous story is that those off-white sand dollars we pick up at the beach are actually just the shell of dead sand dollars. Sad, but true, it is the way of life. The current of the sea washes them ashore, which is why seeing a live sand dollar is one the rarest sights in nature, but one woman had the greatest pleasure of finding a live individual during her trip to the beach.

Before they perish, these sea urchins are actually much larger, darker, and have a kind of slick appearance. Crazier still, when she flips the sand dollar over, it’s covered in tiny feelers that move in wave-like patterns!

These creatures are completely harmless, but if you do happen to find a live one like this lady, be sure to return it to the ocean.


  • Crhchris, 1 year ago

    If you take it out of the water you are killing it so don't do it.

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  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    cool I learned something

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