Biden No Comment, Smiles & Laughs Regarding Lahaina Death Toll

10 months ago

The Lahaina Fire: Human Error or Globalist Agenda?

August 17, 2023

The Lahaina Fire tragedy has caught the attention of the world. Many ask what happened? This brief article compiles events and anomalies based on facts and evidence. The information continues to develop.

Was the fire the result of negligence and a cascade of communication failures? Or was it part of a “Build Back Better” nefarious agenda for Lahaina to be rebuilt into an Enslavement City, or so called Work Force Smart City governed by Artificial Intelligence?

Regardless of those who may find this unbelievable, and attempt to debunk the information presented, it is for the public to scrutinize, and time will be the final judge.

Lahaina is the Hawaiian name that means “Cruel Sun” as in hot sun. The town is located on the West Side of Maui which is dry, and receives about 13 inches of rain per year.

For nearly 140 years, a greenbelt of sugarcane surrounded the town. The sugarcane industry ended in 1999, due to the lower cost of production in other countries. The once green sugarcane fields were overtaken by wild grass that turns dry during the Summer.

On August 24, 2018 an approaching Hurricane named Lane brought 70 mph winds to Lahaina. The dry grass caught fire, and burned 21 homes and 30 vehicles.

Again on August 8, 2023, an approaching Hurricane named Dora, brought 60 to 80 mph winds to Lahaina. The dry grass caught fire, and burned most of the town to the ground, resulting in one of the most destructive fires in American history.

There was zero preparation by the government to prevent the fire, even though the same exact situation happened 5 years prior in Lahaina.

There were no fire breaks built, controlled burns to remove dry grass, greenbelt built, burying power lines, or houses painted with fire proof paint.

Event Timeline & Anomalies

August 8, 2023

6:40 AM
The wind knocked down a power line on the East side of town which sparked the fire.

9:00 AM
The fire department states the fire is 100 percent contained.

3:30 PM
The fire restarts forcing the closure of the Lahaina Bypass Highway on the East side of town.

4:45 PM
Maui County Government issues a press release advising the public to shelter in place (stay home) although the fire is quickly spreading East toward the town.

5:15 PM
The fire has burned through the residential area and reached Front Street (Main Street) on the ocean.

Schools closed for the day due to strong winds. This kept children home, while many working parents were at work.

There was no activation of the emergency siren system at the start or during the fire. On August 17, the administrator of the system resigned.

Although there were numerous downed power lines, the power company did not turn the power off.

Firefighters reported fire hydrants not having any water due to the water company holding back the water.

Police blocked the exit out of Lahaina claim witnesses.

The first days after the fire, the National Guard, FEMA, and Red Cross were blocking and withholding essential supplies provided by the local community for their own families according to witnesses.

One of the largest Military installations in America, Pearl Harbor, did not send a ship with supplies to assist.

Josh Green is on record stating his intention for the State to acquire (steal) the land after the fire. And has blamed global warming for the fire. He has since claimed his statement regarding acquiring the land was misinterpreted.

Josh Green was at the Globalist Rockefeller United Nations one month before the fire, stating his intention to make Hawaii into an Agenda 21 type state, under the guise of environmental sustainability.

Josh Green one month before the fire, issued an emergency proclamation that eliminates the traditional land use commission, allowing the government to build as they see fit, like building 15 Minute Smart Cities.

Josh Green, a globalist puppet in conjunction with the State Government, Federal Government (FEMA) and outside globalist developers like BlackRock and Vanguard may steal the land from Native Hawaiians. He claims this will not happen.

Josh Green will be a keynote speaker at the Hawaii Digital Government Summit September 2023

Joe Biden had no comment, smiled, and laughed when asked about one of the worst fires in American history, yet has sent $113 Billion to Ukraine. He now says he will visit Maui and give Lahaina homeowners a one time payment of $700.00

The “Build Back Better” slogan by globalists Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, is the trojan horse deception to enslave people of the world.


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