Zero Preparation For Lahaina Fire by Government

10 months ago

Preparing For Fire

The tragic Lahaina Fire should be a wakeup call for all of us. The same exact fire situation happened 5 years ago in Lahaina August 2018. Dissipated hurricane brought heavy winds and dry fields caught fire. 21 homes, 30 cars, and 2,000 acres burned.

This makes me question city planners and the fire department? Lets see guys, this happened before, now again we have dry grass (fuel) and potential high winds (accelerant) due to hurricane season. This was not a surprise problem. Just thinking about preparing for the next time.

Maybe we should prepare and employ preemptive measures? Like controlled burns, fire breaks, remove debris, paint homes with fire resistant paint, spray fire protectant around homes, fire resistant hemp house, plant green belt, build golf courses, underground power lines?


Lahaina Fire 2018

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