Snoopy Great Danes Play Hide And Seek With Little Girl

Published March 14, 2017 214,696 Views $103.91 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA pair of Great Danes impressively dominate a game of hide and seek with their best friend - the little girl. They're able to find where she is every time! So fun!

If your family had a dog while you were growing up, then your childhood is probably full of memories of all the great times you had together. Dogs are just like kids and they love to play! One of the best games to play with a dog is hide and seek. Dogs are the best at sniffing out where we hide, and they love to play.

These two family dogs enjoy playing the game of hide and seek with their owner. What started as a game of hide and seek, quickly evolved into one of the best home movies ever seen. Footage shows owner asking his two Danes where is Layla, to which the two massive pooches immediately respond, going onto a quest to find their beloved tiny human!

When they try to find her, they use all of their senses and funny things happens! First, the girl is hiding in the closet, to which the dog that first found her, starts snooping around girl’s room, and when he sensed her, he barks while standing in front of the closet! Good job, buddy!

The girl then decide to play a prank on the family dog, so she hides underneath the pile of stuffed animals, and is difficult to spot! However, these dog’s sense of smell is well-developed so they manage to spot her easily!

Dad, who’s recording the hilarious video, can only feel proud as his intelligent canines win the game with flying colors and in hilarious fashion. The little girl is happy to have such lovely pets who enjoy playing the game of hide and seek with her! Cuteness overload!