Woman Loves Teasing Her Dogs With A Hilarious Game Of Hide And Seek

NewsflarePublished: November 14, 2017281,617 views
Published: November 14, 2017

They say dogs have an amazing sense of smell, especially K9 dogs like German Shepherds. If this footage of two German Shepherds and a Malinois playing hide and seek with their owner has to prove anything, it is that sometimes they don’t.

The video, captured in the Spanish town of Mijas on September 2016, shows a woman named Claudia Varanski calling her dogs whilst hiding in a bedroom behind a wide open door. The dogs can be seen searching for their owner around the house and looking at the room from the door frame several times.

It is pretty crazy that these three dogs, who are known world wide as having the best nose in the world, get so close to finding their human several times, but they stop at the doorstep several times and leave to look for Claudia elsewhere in confusion.

Later on, they enter the room to look for her further in and finally find her hidden behind the door.

''Everyday I wake up and do this with my dogs,'' Claudia later wrote online. ''I have two doors to enter the house so I make noise in one of them so they come to that one and then I open the other one and run to my bedroom.''

''Sometimes I hide under the bed and they get crazy, never find me,'' she added.

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