Adorable Bear Loves To Play Hide And Seek

7 years ago

Animals are truly amazing. They can fill our lives with so much joy and happiness that they should be treated with the utmost respect and care. Sure, there are some scary animals that you would not want to get anywhere near, but then there are some that you just want to hug and cuddle with. Bears have caught the hearts of numerous throughout the years, carving their way into cherished recollections of teddy partners and timeless characters, for example, Winnie the Pooh and Yogi Bear.

For most people, a bear would be the one they would not want to get near, but this does not seem the case for this little girl right here! This cute kid had the time of her life when she visited the zoo with her family. Her love and appreciation of bears only grew when she got to play an impromptu game of hide and seek with one of the playful bears at the zoo! No matter how many times she runs back and forth, this bear is able to keep up with her no problem.

Who would have thought that a bear would love to play hide and seek? What we do know is that this is one video that you are not going to want to miss!

Do you find this bear adorable? Would you want to cuddle it and get near it? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

We guess bears really love to play games! This video will show you one funny bear playing peek a boo! This boy plays peek a boo with a bear at the zoo and the bear absolutely enjoy it!

Peek a boo is such a fun game, and all the kids absolutely love it! But did you know that bears enjoy playing peek a boo as well? We know it’s hard to believe, but this video is here just to offer you proof. It’s a beautiful sunny day and a little boy and his family have decided to spend it at the zoo. So much fun!

As the video begins, you can see the little boy standing in front of a bear exhibit. You can tell that both the bear and the boy are having so much fun with each other!

They are playing peek a boo in front of the glass exhibit! How funny is that? The boy runs back and forth, and the bear walks along the glass to follow him! OMG, how cute are they? Who says that a little boy and a bear can’t be best buddies? Peek a boo! I see you! This is the cutest game of peek a boo we have ever seen! So precious!

Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans; excellent memories; large brain to body ratio; and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting. That's why they are so good at these games!

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