Dog Was Looking At A Grim Fate, But These People Knew They Can Turn Her Life Around

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Published: February 20, 2017

It is a terrible thing to think about, which is probably why most choose to look the other way, but there are so many animals at shelters that, if they do not find forever homes, have to be euthanized. It is the cruel truth of the world, which is why veterinarians and activists implore pet owners to neuter and spay their pets, so that there would be less unfortunate homeless animals on the streets.

Still, Eldad Hagar and his tireless rescue team at Hope For Paws do everything they can to save strays from this fate. When they heard about a dog named Edie who was just an hour away from being put down, they knew they had to move — and quick. But they didn’t get there quickly enough, because what they found was nothing short than a horror story.

They found the Maltese poodle mix in a high-kill shelter just an hour before she was scheduled for euthanasia. The reason - Edie was absolutely terrified of human contact. The team speculates that the white matted pooch might have been terribly molested in her past, making her fear even the sight of a human being.

That did not deter Eldad from his intentions to calm down the scared puppy and show her that there are kind spirits on this world that can love her the way she deserves. It didn’t take long for Edie to trust Eldad, so she lay on her back and let him scratch her tummy while wagging her tail, which is the a true victory.

One grooming session later and the dirty fur came down to reveal a beautiful puppy underneath, just begging for some TLC.

Everything can be scary at the shelter when you weigh mere 10 pounds. Hope For Paws begs you not to overlook these animals when you are at a shelter, looking for a furry companion, because all they need is a little hug!

Please help us save more dogs like Edie and make a $5 donation to Hope For Paws, and please share this video with all your friends.

The amazing music for this video was created by Mr. Paul Collier: - Thank you so much for letting me use this amazing piece!



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