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The Story About An Abandoned Dog Who Stepped On A Coyote Trap16m56s

The Story About An Abandoned Dog Who Stepped On A Coyote Trap

Hermione was abandoned in a forest in South Carolina and she lived there for a year until one day she stepped on a rusty coyote trap. Animal Control and the local police tried to capture her for five days, but had no luck. HopeForPaws were asked to fly from California and save her life. Loreta Frankonyte and I searched for her all day, but we couldn’t find her. We figured Hermione was scared of the officers who tried to help her. So, on the second day we asked them to let us work alone. In the days prior to our arrival, a humane trap was set, but Hermione wouldn’t walk into it. From a distance we could see that the heavy metal coyote trap crushed her foot. Loreta kept talking to her and assured her she was safe with us. The trap caused a lot of pain so she kept licking her wound for comfort. We spent two hours trying to gain her trust, but she kept walking away. All of a sudden, Hermione got spooked and retreated back into the woods.They realized they are going to need soccer nets so they had those shipped overnight and used them to catch the dog. A team of dozen volunteers helped to pull up the soccer net and went on a mission to catch Hermione. After a tiresome chase, they caught her. After six long painful days, the rusty trap was finally off, and it was also discovered that Hermione suffered from heartworm. She had her leg in stitches and bandages and lost many bones in her rotting paw. However, she was on medications and wasn’t feeling any pain. They transported her to Los Angeles to Dr. Robert Olds, the person who can save her leg. Hermione had to surgeries to construct a new paw for her leg. The healing process took a couple of months. The treatment for heartworm continued for several months as well and we are happy to report that she is completely healthy now! Thanks to the generous donations! Please share her wonderful story! Special thanks to all the volunteers from South Carolina. I really hope that this video will convince you to join us and become a monthly donor to our organization. A $5 donation monthly from every viewer can help us change the world: http://www.HopeForPaws.org Some people think we generate money from YouTube, but the truth is that we don't... we never received a dime because the music we're using is copyrighted and so we're not eligible. We are 100% depend on you guys to help us make all of this happen. With your help we can rescue more dogs , post more videos, educate and raise awareness all over the world and it's all for the cost of a cup of coffee. Thank you to all our existing donors who made this happen! Eldad & Loreta

Something EXTREME had to be done in order to save this homeless dog. DON'T BLINK or you'll miss it!5m24s

Something EXTREME had to be done in order to save this homeless dog. DON'T BLINK or you'll miss it!

DO NOT TRY THIS!!! This method can result in a serious injury!!! I really don't like using this method - especially knowing it will cost me in a painful bite, but I had no choice here. Luckily, I had Loreta Frankonyte with me who helped me secure little Opal. We do this because we love what we do and we need your support so more important rescues like this can happen. If you enjoy our rescue videos, please make a $5 donation and help us save many more animals in need. Making a donation will take just 2 minutes of your time: http://www.HopeForPaws.org Opal needs a very special home for someone who will give her endless love, someone who will hug her and will continue the amazing work that her foster mom is doing. To apply to adopt Opal, please contact our friends at: http://www.PawPrintsInTheSand.org Please share this video and help us find her that special home. Thanks :-) Eldad

Kona’s family left her behind when they moved away… months later, we were called in to help.2m40s

Kona’s family left her behind when they moved away… months later, we were called in to help.

It's #GivingTuesday and we need YOUR help. We have all the love in the world to give, but the limiting factor is always funds... the more money we have, the more animals we can save. When many people donate a small amount, it adds up and it enables us to save these dogs from life of suffering... hunger, cold and too much fear to approach a human and ask for help. If you are able to help today, please join the Hope For Paws team and donate just $5 here: HopeForPaws.org Special thanks to our friends at Pal Rescue who fostered little Kona and found her such a beautiful home! They have many more amazing dogs up for adoption, so please check them out: PalRescue.org Please share this video on your social media and help us raise awareness and funds for 2018 Thank you so much :-) Eldad

Little homeless dog rescued using a cool trick. The end will make you SO HAPPY!4m14s

Little homeless dog rescued using a cool trick. The end will make you SO HAPPY!

Hello everybody. It's almost the end of the year and we need your support. If every person watching this video would donate just $5, we will be able to save so many more animals in 2018. Please click here and join the Hope For Paws team: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To apply to adopt little America, please contact our friends at: http://TheForgottenDog.org Thanks :-) Eldad

Children Try To Save These Puppies While Their Mom Was Looking For Food4m42s

Children Try To Save These Puppies While Their Mom Was Looking For Food

An animal rescue team was informed that few kids playing at a construction site in their neighborhood have found five day old puppies. The kids have taken the puppies from the site, took them home and tried to bottle feed them. Not knowing that the puppies' mom went to find food for them, they were just trying to help. Realizing that, they agreed to return the stolen puppies. The rescue team wanted to make sure that the puppies and their mother would receive a proper care. So, they placed the puppies in a puppy pen and sat it in the area where they were initially spotted, waiting for their mom to appear and meet them there. And so she did. She tried to hide and keep distance from the rescuers, afraid that her puppies might get stolen again, as they were taken from her once before. The defensive mom growled whenever the rescuers tried to approach her to take her and her babies to a safe environment. She eventually calmed down enough for the team to let her sniff her babies. The mom, later named Navalina, let the rescuers pet her and show her that they meant no harm to her or her babies. They were able to get the lucky furry family to their facilities to give them food, care, and medical treatment. Most importantly, to give them love! Please donate and help us save more lives this holiday season: http://www.HopeForPaws.org If you would like to adopt the mom or one of the babies, please contact our friends at: http://www.MuchLove.org Thanks :-) Eldad

Dog's Registered Owner Thought She Was Dead For Two Years3m33s

Dog's Registered Owner Thought She Was Dead For Two Years

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization. They rescue dogs, cats and other types of animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild. Through rescue and education, Hope For Paws works to raise awareness for abandoned animals.This was the same organization that was notified of a starving dog living in the mountains. Animal Control got alerted about this sick dog and they had tried to get her several times, but failed. Their efforts of catching the dog and placing it somewhere safe were in vain, until the skillful volunteers of Hope For Paws came to rescue . The dog was malnourished and suffered from alopecia. Although she was nervous, she couldn’t resist the cheeseburger. One of the rescuers distracted the dog with the food while the other got the snare around her. She was startled for a second, but calmed down quickly and was happy to keep eating. She was successfully taken to safety and the two girls who rescued her decided to call her Edna. The first thing the volunteers did was to get Edna at the vet’s office. The plan was to help the dog recover completely after which they would help her find a proper home. They thought that Edna was a stray dog until they discovered that she had a microchip during the check up. That meant nothing else but that she wasn’t a stray dog and she had an owner. It was a lucky circumstance for this dog since it could get back the deserved life she had before she was lost. The volunteers contacted the owner and she was surprised by the call telling them that she gave the dog away to another family two years ago. In one occasion she asked the family if the dog was doing well but they told her it had passed away. The volunteers decided to offer back the dog to the first owner but she rejected it. This sounded like a bad news at first but the volunteers then realized that if she had given up the dog in the first place then she didn’t deserve to have it. Edna deserved a better owner who would love her and keep her safe at all times. Fortunately, this dog’s happiness smiled at her and she ended up with a perfect family that love her with all their hearts. We are very thankful for organizations such as Hope for Paws that restore our faith in humanity with every rescue story they post. In fact, showing little acts of kindness should be a daily occurrence and we should never forget that small things can provoke strong feelings. Though they may look trivial, they could mean the whole world to somebody. Let’s not forget to do something as simple and kind as this every day since it is a recipe for a cheerful and fruitful life. There is nothing more elevating than making someone happy. After all, it’s inspiring! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you liked Edna’s story, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Please donate $5 and help send us on the next rescue mission: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

Homeless dog was so hungry he ate rocks! Thanks to your support, we saved his life!3m51s

Homeless dog was so hungry he ate rocks! Thanks to your support, we saved his life!

This dog is the LARGEST dog we EVER rescued!!! I can't even believe I asked Loreta Frankonyte to do what she ended up doing to save Gershwin's life. This was very dangerous and could have resulted in a very serious injury! You can ask Loreta questions about this rescue on her Facebook page and she will be happy to answer as we will spend the whole day in the car today on rescues: http://www.facebook.com/xoxoloreta As you can see we will go far and do whatever it takes to save the lives of these animals but we need your help. If you can, please make a small donation today and help us save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org This story doesn't end here, and Gershwin looking for a loving forever home. You can help so much by SHARING his video. If you would like to adopt Gershwin, please contact our friends at: http://www.LAAnimalRescue.org Thank you so much :-) Eldad

A little homeless chihuahua ran to her friends for protection, but they knew we were there to help.3m33s

A little homeless chihuahua ran to her friends for protection, but they knew we were there to help.

Instead of donating today, please just SHARE this video and help us raise awareness. I posted a few new videos in the past week - please check them out here: http://www.HopeForPaws.org Thank you L.A Animal Rescue for finding Blossom this amazing home where she is so happy with her human friends, dog friends and cat friends: http://www.LAAnimalRescue.org Please don't forget to share... it really helps us financially. Thanks :-) Eldad

Abandoned Senior German Shepherd Was Saved By 'Hope For Paws' 3m34s

Abandoned Senior German Shepherd Was Saved By 'Hope For Paws'

Dogs are precious creatures and man’s best friends! They are loyal, lovable, fun and will be there for us no matter what! They will be our best support, and they will be our best friends. We think every family should own a dog. They make a big difference in people’s lives. Just imagine coming from work, tired, mentally exhausted, sleepy, and your dog waits for you at the dog, wagging its tail and smiling at you because he missed you and you are finally home. It’s the best feeling ever! But, not always owning a dog means to buy one, the best way to get a dog is to adopt one. All dogs deserve a home, a family who will love them and make them part of their family. That’s why the non-profit organization ‘Hope For Paws’ saves dogs who are out on the streets and make sure they’ll find families. Also, the organization was established to help animals who suffer and die every year because of negligence and abuse. Take a look at this sad video and this abandoned German Shepard. This lonely, older German Shepard was left on the streets, and she had nowhere to go, and because she was so scared, she hid under a car. All hope was lost for her, and probably she had lost faith in humanity until Hope For Paws came to rescue her. When they came to place where the dog was hidden, she was looking dejectedly out from under the vehicle, and they could tell that she is also starving and she needed a lot of love and affection. Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo choose to use their good cheeseburgers to draw her out, and that is the point at which they understand how sweet Amelia indeed is. Hold up until the end when you see her with her. Please help us save more animals and donate just $5. If every person who watches this video will join this effort, we will be able to save so many more animals: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To adopt Amelia, please visit our amazing friends at http://www.LAAnimalRescue.org Please share this video and help us find her a loving forever home. Thanks :-) Eldad

This Hope For Paws rescue video will have a DOG, a FOX and a PIG!!! WATCH until the end :-)4m05s

This Hope For Paws rescue video will have a DOG, a FOX and a PIG!!! WATCH until the end :-)

Please donate $5 and help us save more animals. As you can see, we post more rescue videos because we get a lot more calls for help and we can't keep up without YOUR SUPPORT. A $5 donation from every viewer would be so helpful and would allow us to focus on rescuing other than fund raising. Here is the link to donate: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To adopt FOX, please contact our friends at Pal Rescue: http://www.PalRescue.org Last request: please SHARE this video with your friends and ask them to share it too. Thanks :-) Eldad

After Collapsing In A Family's Yard, Exhausted Puppy Gets A Second Chance At Life3m32s

After Collapsing In A Family's Yard, Exhausted Puppy Gets A Second Chance At Life

When a dirty little pooch collapsed in a Los Angeles family back yard, they thought the pup was looking to catch a break. But when the pup didn’t move for hours, the people knew that something is wrong and they knew exactly who to call - Eldad Hagar and his team at <a href=" https://rumble.com/user/HopeForPaws/ " target="_blank">Hope For Paws</a>. When the rescuers came, the woman tells Edgar and his colleague Loreta Frankonyte that the dog’s front paw looks broken and that it wouldn’t move after collapsing on a carpeted doormat. Loreta tried to touch and pet the injured doggie, but it jumped in fear and pain. Still, it wouldn’t move, a sure sign that it is injured. “It’s okay" were the words whispered to the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v30bcy-woman-living-2000-miles-away-saves-injured-terrier-hit-by-car.html " target="_blank">injured pup</a>, as the two nice people were trying to comfort the dog and get him to trust them. They called him Milo. He wouldn’t let them pick him up, so Eldad improvised a gurney out of a blanket to get him in their car and straight to the hospital. Vet determined that Milo had been bitten by some other dog and with his dirty matted fur, it was only a matter of time before his leg got infected and swollen the way it did. They managed to drain the puss from the wound, but his leg would never be the same again. That didn’t stop sweet Milo to show his true, playful and lovable nature, which got him adopted with lightning speed. He got lucky to collapse where he did, now thriving in his new life. Please help us save more dogs like Milo and make a small donation: http://www.HopeForPaws.org Thank you Cause for SB Paws for finding him such an amazing home! They have many more beautiful dogs for adoption, so please check them out here: http://www.CauseForSBpaws.org

Rescuers Called To Save A Mother That Had Just Given Birth 3m33s

Rescuers Called To Save A Mother That Had Just Given Birth

Summer has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for quite some time. Members of the community provided her with food, but one day she was left pregnant. Those same members were the ones who called in for some assistance, because the didn’t want Summer’s babies to live the same fate. “She lived on the streets for a long time; she was fed by neighbors who found her a delight and who loved having her around. However, she also had babies in the bushes that needed help. The people reached out to us so that the babies and the mother could live in better and healthier conditions", said Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope For Paws . Summer had just given birth to her six puppies, so she stayed quietly in a bush, tending to her babies. When the rescuers finally arrived, they were met by a happy mother, who seemed to know that these people were here to help her tiny family. Summer even allowed the human to get close to her puppies, a trait not typical for new mothers. The rescuers immediately took Summer and her puppies to a vet in order to get them checked out, and they found out that all was well with each of them. After thoroughly examining her, Hagar and his colleagues determined that Summer was most likely a Berger Picard; a breed that is too rare to be found living in the streets. Summer and all her puppies were placed into foster care, where they can play and grow until the puppies are old enough to be adopted. Please help us save more dogs and donate $5: http://www.HopeForPaws.org If you can't donate, please SHARE this video and help us find this beautiful family loving forever homes. To adopt Summer and her babies, please contact our friends at: http://www.ARTNPawsAnimalRescue.org

Lost Pit Bull Reunited With Owners After Running Away From Home Scared Of Fireworks3m58s

Lost Pit Bull Reunited With Owners After Running Away From Home Scared Of Fireworks

Dog owners should be aware that their beloved pets also have their fears! Every year thousands of pets go missing because of fireworks, and most will never be reunited with their families again. Even firecrackers will make the most well-adjusted loving pet become terrified enough to run away. Lisa Arturo called Hope For Paws after noticing that a lost Pit Bull was hiding under her car. These professional rescuers used plastic fencing around the car in order to secure the dog from running away. First, the dog growled at them because he was so afraid and didn’t know that they are here to rescue him. Eldad from Hope For Paws fed the Pit Bull with a hot-dog just to make him feel more comfortable and then used a special leash and slowly led him out of his hiding spot. Fearing for his safety, Eldad used a towel to pet the dog and realized that he quickly relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the affection he was receiving. When they scanned him, they discovered he had a registered microchip inserted and soon found the owner. Owner Joanna was so relieved to hear that Boy was found and was safe and sound. Her family was having a party and the dog got out because he got scared of the fireworks . They were very surprised because he usually never leaves the house. When Boy was reunited with his owners, he was crying like a baby, waving his tail and jumping with joy. He is part of the family and couldn’t wait to go home to them. They are lucky to be reunited again! Please keep your pets indoors where they are safe, and make sure that your pet has a collar with a name tag and your phone number on it. Please support our efforts by making a $5 donation today: http://www.HopeForPaws.org SHARING our videos is so important for raising awareness! So many animals will run away from home this weekend, so many will get hit by cars, so many will never find their way home - PLEASE keep your pets safe - indoors, with a collar, a name tag and a registered microchip. Thanks, Eldad