Volunteer Team Rescues Dog Affected By California Fires

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 7, 2018Updated: August 8, 201848 views
Published: August 7, 2018Updated: August 8, 2018

A dog burnt in one of the fires raging across northern California was found and treated by a team of volunteers on August 5. This footage, filmed by Shelina Moreda, a volunteer with the NorCal Livestock Evacuation in Lake County, shows the dog, who appears to have suffered severe injuries from the blaze.

“This poor boy was burnt all over, his paws crisped and smoking,” Moreda wrote. “He had walked up to this man, one of his neighbors. Ken made a little bed for him, and was caring for him even though Ken had earlier in the day watched his own house burn to the ground.”

On August 7, the Mendocino Complex fire in Mendocino County, which borders Lake County, became the largest fire in California since accurate measurements began in 1932, Cal Fire said.

It seems that it is very visible when humans suffer the consequences of large natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, drafts, and fires. But rarely ever anyone speaks or counts animal victims. This is why they are often referred to as the “silent victims”. It seems very unlikely that anyone has the capacities or the interest to investigate how many critters have vanished into the fire blaze that swept North California in the latest catastrophe. The estimation runs in millions. What we can do is at least number the pets rescue teams found after sweeping the area and helped where help was possible.

We are not talking about lost kittens and canaries only, there are horses and livestock that have perished and people are left ruined without their property. We do not even begin to contemplate about the damage that wildlife has suffered. There are even bears and mountain lions found affected, captured and treated. Fortunately, not all is lost. Those that were left free to “choose their destiny” and managed to run away from the affected areas are now roaming free and are in dire need of assistance. Officers are leaving food and water as well as bringing injured animals back to animal shelters and veterinary hospitals. It is easy with smaller animals like cats, fish, and birds, they ate being carefully looked after at various shelters while larger ones have been taken to the nearby County Fairgrounds. Here, volunteers are caring for roughly 500 horses made homeless by the enormous wildfires, which have killed 31 people so far, along with cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats evacuated from farms nearby.

This dog is not an isolated case, but it warms our souls to see that there are serious efforts made to help the innocent victims of the fires. The most common complaints are burned paws and noses, burned fur and skin, smoke inhalation, broken legs. They are taken care for and there are ads posted online to inform their owners that their beloved pets are safe and will be sound soon. many have even been happily reunited with their owners!

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