Clumsy Giant Panda Adorably Wrestles Down A Snowman

rumblestaff Published January 31, 2017 2,141 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis adorable video will definitely warm your heart right up during the winter season. Meet Da Mao, the giant panda at the Toronto Zoo, that is absolutely obsessed with snow and engages in severe wrestling match with the snowman. Mao is enjoying his time in the snow and sure knows how to wrestle the big figure made of snow.

Giant Pandas are native to central China. They tend to live in cooler areas within China, although they don't always see the fluffy stuff falling from the sky in their native land, you can tell that this little guy is loving the snowfall. Watch as Da Mao cautiously checks the snowman out, before playing with his new companion. How cute is he?

Da Mao is one cute panda that loves the snow as much as a little child. So adorable. It is adorable watching this cutie go up against the harmless snowman! Is he playing or is he seriously considering that Mr. Snowman here is a threat for his life?

Footage shows as the adorable giant panda engages in serious play with snowman and tries to take down the last man standing. Watch as Da Mao plays with the snowman, i.e. disassembles it, piece by piece, ball by ball. “Frozen” fans are familiar with the words “Do you want to build a snowman?” and apparently this panda is not a fan and tries to take-down the hideous creation!

The playful panda was thrilled when zookeepers decided to build him a snowman that he could wrestle and roll with his turf, but Da Mao has had it and wanted to put it down!

If you think that playing in the snow is entertaining, wait until you see this adorable panda frolic and play with his snowman pal! Da Mao playfully swats, paws and claws at the snowman and realizes that the challenge is going to be a bit harder that he may have thought.

After realizing that nibbling the frozen guy is ineffective, Da Mao rolls around, stands up on his hind legs and loosens the snowman’s head. Then he climbs on top of the snowman and perches on top of it, but then becomes wobbly and falls off, bringing the snowman’s head down with him!

Credit to 'Toronto Zoo'.