Giant panda adorably wrestles a snowman

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Published: January 31, 2017

Here's one that will definitely warm you heart right up during the winter season. This little guy named Da Mao, a Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo, is enjoying his time in the snow. It seems like one of the workers decided to make him a snowman as a pal. Watch as Da Mao cautiously checks the snowman out, before playing with his new companion.

How cute is he? Giant Pandas are native to central China. And with regards to this video, Giant Pandas love the snow. They tend to live in cooler areas within China, although they don't always see the fluffy stuff falling from the sky in their native land, you can tell that this little guy is loving the snowfall.

Da Mao is one cute panda, that's for sure. Watch his cute antics with the snowman. You can tell that he loves the snow as much as a little child. So adorable.

Watch as Da Mao, a Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo, goes up against a harmless snowman! Credit to 'Toronto Zoo'.

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