Giant Panda In D.C National Zoo Enjoys Fooling Around In The Snow

Published December 13, 2017 2,061 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSeeing snow for the first time in your life can be very interesting. That white thing that freezes your feet, but still melts in your hands is called snow. This cute panda finds this out this winter.

The National Washington Zoo has all the varieties of animal kind. Most of the animals at their zoo are selected with D.C.’s year-round climate in mind, ensuring the animal’s ability to survive the weather. The animals’ caretakers say that it allows animals who can handle the snowy, cold weather to go outside, including the cheetahs, lions, tigers and pandas. There are many animals at the National Zoo that enjoy playing in the snow, so the zoo provides them with a habitat that while outdoors, has some heated den areas to keep them warm.

Giant pandas are native to a cold climate in the mountains of western China and are more active in winter.

The adorable giant panda Mei Xiang proves this fact to be true. She was caught on video playing around in the D.C. snow this weekend. As you can see in the video, she is running, rolling and somersaulting all around. It seems like lot of fun to her. Why sitting when you can fool around in the snow? The ice-covered leaves seem like a suitable playground for a furry animal like this one.

This is not the first video showing how much pandas enjoy the snow. Giant panda Da Mao from the Toronto Zoo also enjoys rolling and flipping in the snow.

Credit: Twitter/National Zoo