Casual Stroll In A River Takes A Sudden Twist With A Hilarious Ending

Published November 3, 2016 366,319 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleFew things are better than packing up your whole family in the summer and head to the refreshing chill of the woods. Even better if you find a cold creek to cool down in, maybe even marvel at the water creatures that live in it. But sometimes, even the best of plans get an unexpected turn, which in this case is quite hilarious,

There's nothing like going for a refreshing swim during the heat of the summer; that is, unless you weren't planning on it! It only takes one slip for it all to go wrong! This man is enjoying a stroll through a creek with his kids. He’s just walking, checking the water, trotting around. The kids are having a blast too! We see him wobble a little, but he’s ok, just a loose rock.

He gathers himself from the almost-slip and carries on with more confidence just in time for a major definitely-slip, that ends with a splash face-down in the water! His wife can barely contain herself and so do we! The kids also join in the laughter, and even though it must have been unpleasant for him, this will surely be remembered and cherished as a hilarious family moment.

Maybe next time he'll just build a pool in the backyard and avoid any slippery creeks!