How To Transform Your Backyard Into An In-Ground Swimming Pool

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Published: April 4, 2017

Gil and his wife weren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye on how they wanted to remodel their backyard. He wanted an in-ground pool to beat the heat in Israel (where he and his family live) and his wife wanted backyard space so they could play with their children. Their compromise? This amazing, hidden in-ground pool.

If you want to try this project for your own backyard, you will have to do some drawing first. It would be nice to be proficient in some 3D modeling software, like Sketchup, but you could also do it by hand with a pen and a piece of paper, or a few. After that, it is pretty much a lot of elbow grease.

You would have to strip your yard of anything that might be in the way - grass, trees and so forth. Dig the cavity you would need for the pool and built the supporting walls. After the walls are up and set, it is mostly metal work - cutting, folding and welding the frame of the pool and the frame for the sliding door. They used a sliding gate motor for that part.

A few more bits and pieces, some wooden beams for the platform and some fake grass to replace the one you removed when you started, and you have a gorgeous backyard that hides a secret in its bosom! And it is just a click away...

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      Here2Do · 1 year ago

      I guess this does away with the need for a pool fence.