Dog Disarms Robber and Saves His Owner's Shop

ViralHog Published July 6, 2016 105,695 Plays $193.97 earned

Rumble / Stupid CriminalsDogs are really people’s best friends. And the proverb ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’ does not go unnoticed here. This footage proves that real friends sacrify their own lives as long as it turns out well.

The footage starts in a mundane fashion- it is the end of a working day just like any other day and nothing particular happens in the Mont d’Or tobacco shop in Manosque, France. We see a man tidying up his shop. He picks up a litter bin and goes outside to empty it. There is totally nothing on the camera for a few seconds until all of a sudden, the danger that was pending outside kicks in and we see as the shop assistant makes his way back to the shop, he is ambushed by a person wearing a mask and holding a gun.

The worker runs behind the counter to probably fill up a bag with cash for the robber but what he actually does is releases Hobby, his heroic dog. Hobby steps in the scene and chases the scared robber out of the shop. Out of the shop, the dog attacks the armed robber, racing around, snapping at the legs of the felon.

When the violator feels helpless, the owner of the shop fights back and the pair can be seen to have taken the gun out of the robber’s hands. And the mission is accomplished - the gunman is forced to flee the shop empty-handed and neither the dog nor the owner are harmed.


  • Daniel, 2 years ago

    After the shop keeper was about to close the store as they left the door wide open while taking out the trash before a robber was about to hold up the store before the shop keeper released the dog to go after the robber as they are fighting outside just off camera.

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