Surrounded Robber Outsmarts Police And Escapes From Rooftop

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Published: November 23, 2017

A suspected robber smashed his way out of his attic hideout to make a barefoot escape across the rooftops of a row of houses. Crime caper footage shows this inglorious robber avoiding justice by fleeing across fragile rooftops. He's a crook on a creaky tin roof indeed!

Footage shows a suspected robber standing on a house rooftop surrounded by cops. One of the police officers is addressing him on a talkie-walkie, requesting him to surrender and get down from the roof. Moments later, the man starts running through the roof and somehow manages to avoid falling through loose panels. He then makes a sudden jump and uses the street light pole to make his way down to the street.

Apparently, his unexpected move confused the police and the suspect somehow managed to escape down the street and off to the field. Dozens of police officers start chasing this man down, and there are many civilians on the streets, astonished with what just happened.

The thief was forced to escape via the rooftops after being cornered in an alleyway by angry locals. His police pursuers were struggling to catch him, but the bandit eventually gets his escape. This hilarious incident can be considered as a new mission impossible sequel.

It is amazing how the man managed to skip from rooftop to rooftop before leaping to the ground and disappearing into the field. Talk about a lucky escape!

Police described the escape as "an act of extreme desperation" and called on the public to help them capture this man who is on the run. Detectives have been searching for him since and have raided a number of homes across the area in the hunt for him.

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