Ready For A Car Wash Done By An Elephant?

Published June 13, 2016 480 Views

Rumble Taking your car for a little bit of wash time is felt, and felt with a frown it is, as a tedious choir. However, for people who are lucky enough to live in Florida, it is a time for a real amusement. If of course, they are taking their cars to be washed at this establishment. Watch the video to find out more!

A local garage has taken on an elephant to do all the hard work making car washing instantly turn into an activity keenly waited for. Proof of this is the line of customers seen queuing all around the block all through the day just to get their vehicles washed down by Judy the elephant. Judi is an African elephant and a resident of Marine World Africa in the USA, where she honestly earns her keep by hosing down cars with her trunk.

All you need to do is provide Judy a few gallons of water and she will get busy washing, giving your hood a professional jet wash, a nice thorough sponging and a polish with a cloth for good measure. Judy the elephant can even clean the trunk of your car - with her trunk! Yes, you read right, Judy has even been taught to clean the cars on their inside. Her keepers believe that doing all these activities help keep this elephant's mind active. So, it looks like it's happy faces all around!


  • kurbanana, 4 years ago

    wooow very nice :D

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  • vavexca, 4 years ago

    Wow, what an idea!

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