Elephant Comes Running When She Sees Her Favorite Handler Being 'Attacked'

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Published: September 27, 2015Updated: March 30, 2016

Animals really are great companions. They even have your back in tough situations! This is highlighted in this amazing video where a 17 year-old female elephant named Thongsri comes to the rescue. She is very protective of her mahout (a person who works with, rides, and tends an elephant) and when she sees him in trouble, she cannot help but to step in. In this fake situation, the mahout fakes being attacked and Thongsri charges in to rescue him! What a good elephant she is!

Isn't this video just amazing? Seeing the bond and friendship that these two share is simply inspiring! Animals can really be amazing and are great companions if you treat them right! The way the elephant rushes to save her friend is really adorable and it is a moment that they will never forget, especially since elephants never forget!

Are you familiar with the term “elephant mother"? It means that the mother believes that she needs to nurture, protect and encourage her children, because such are elephant females with their young, and, obviously, their handlers as well!

This adorable elephant looks so cute! Don't you wish that you could bring something like that home with you? Unfortunately you can't but you could always get an adorable animal plush from Amazon!

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      sistrozzie · 43 weeks ago

      I saw this very thing happen with my dog when I thought I was going to fall and I let out a squeal and she came running in from outside and skidded ti a stop beside me and checked me out. I didn't know she could do that or would.

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      tjames35 · 14 weeks ago


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      Debnova · 5 weeks ago

      Shows that the elephant def had "his back". Such astounding animals and they need our help. Le'ts all find ways to help them thrive.

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      iugoig · 3 weeks ago

      I imagine the elephant knew it would be severely punished had it not performed for the camera in this way.