6 years ago

Puppy Greets Police Officer With Joy At Their Reunion

What a heartwarming sight to see. Dogs really are a mans best friend. Officer Laurich rescued a puppy who had drugs in his system two months ago. This is one of the most heart breaking cases of abuse the Tustin Police Department has ever seen. The puppy named "Bubba" was found in a California motel room during a drug bust. A dog should never be in this type of environment. What a depressing event these police officers had to witness.

It isn't all sad news though, Bubba looked very happy when he reunited with this heroic police officer Laurich. Bubba is so thankful that this officer could save him and give him a happy and healthy home to live in. Their reunion is so emotional. The smile on Laurich's face is priceless. He is so happy to see his friend again. As soon as Bubba saw his friend, he ran as fast as he could! What a touching moment this reunion is. It is nice to see good deeds are still happening each and every day. Credit to 'Tustin Police Department'.

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