Dash Cam Captures Moment When Heroic Officer Saves Trucker's Life

Published August 17, 2015 129,722 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsOhio State Highway Patrol trooper Eric Devers received a Certificate of Recognition on August 13th, 2015 for saving a truck driver's life back in April 2015. Recently released dash cam footage shows the moment when the heroic trooper arrived at the scene and immediately went into action.

The footage of the trooper’s dash cam has gone viral and will surely gives you the chills as you hear his pleas “Don’t you die on me! Come on, open your eyes!", as trooper Devers performed CPR on the passed out driver.

The fateful day was April 28, 2015, when the trooper was driving along a highway in Ohio and he found a semi truck that has breached the fence on the side of the highway and rolled down the hill. The driver was still inside, strapped to his seat and passed out, gasping for breath with his eyelids half closed.

The trooper later said that a few moments after he arrived at the driver’s aid, his eyes rolled back into his head and stopped breathing. A passerby stopped to aid the trooper by holding the man’s head upright, while Devers performed CPR on the driver until EMS arrived.

“In total, Trooper Devers was on the scene for 12 minutes prior to medical personnel arriving, at which time the driver began breathing on his own and stabilized," said Ohio State Highway Patrol. The driver ultimately made a full recovery following the incident.

Credit to 'Ohio State Highway Patrol'.


  • adamabb, 3 years ago

    Good job, sir!

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  • pammid, 2 years ago

    Heroic!! Sir, you should be commended on such an act of immediate response and courage

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