Jack Russell Puppy Has Adorable Bedtime Routine

Published July 21, 2016 292,542 Views $336.50 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere are days when we just want to lay on the bed and be lazy. Watch as this cute little Jack Russell puppy is getting ready to sleep, showing its sweet bedtime routine. Footage shows a tiny Jack Russell puppy seeking attention and cuddling from its crate before finally finding a warm spot to rest for the day. Watch his adorable and charming ways of seeking attention. Adorable!

The Jack Russell puppy is a lovable dog that seeks attention like every other dog, even at adulthood it is fond of playing all day. They are obedient and loyal and don’t take their bedtime routine for granted, because they don’t undermine the true value of proper rest to the development of its growth and stability.

Any wild canine will secure a small, snugly fitting space to call its own. This space represents security to the dog. In its den, it cannot be attacked or bothered, so it is able to relax fully. This instinctive desire for a secure den is the basis of the psychology behind using a crate as a training aid. Once the pet owner has overcome his own prejudice against "caging" a pet and accepted the sound reasoning behind crate-training, the owner and his dog can begin to enjoy the benefits of the marvelous crate.

No matter how much they whine at first, do not let your Jack Russell terrier get in the habit of sleeping outside of his or her kennel. You will have the most excruciating time trying to get them to return to it later. Also, unless you want your dog wedged as a permanent fixture between you and your spouse at night in bed, do not let your JRT sleep in your bed. You have to be firm when training your Jack Russell.

To accustom your dog to its new crate allow the dog to explore the confines of the crate. Placing food or a favorite object inside will encourage it to step in.