Pug Struggles To Get Back On Motorcycle After Falling Off

Published October 10, 2015 2,548 Plays $3.50 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAn adorable footage has emerged featuring a boy driving his bicycle pulling a toy truck loaded with adorable pugs. Two pugs have hitched their wagon to a bike and enjoy the bumpy ride, however, little baby pug quickly loses its balance and falls over while its mom stays on board!

Footage shows the adorable baby pug tagging along, while trying to hop back on the truck, but to no avail! The little boy is riding his bicycle, leading the way, unsuspecting what is happening behind, while the pug is continuously attempting to catch a ride! What a cute little struggle!

This boy puts a lot of effort into <a href="https://rumble.com/v34z2n-all-aboard-the-puppy-train.html" target="_blank">pulling them pugs on his hand-made puppy train</a>, and that task is sure not as easy as it sounds. Maybe this creative boy has come up with an excellent idea on how to drive his pugs, as he connected his bike to a toy truck with a string and loaded the puppies inside.

However, the little boy miscalculated the payload capacity of the toy truck and didn’t have a plan B for if one of the pugs falls off the ‘train’! While mama pug is enjoying the ride, comfortably seated in the front seat of the truck, little pug is hopelessly trying to tag along behind them, trying to <a href="https://rumble.com/v4hlal-corgi-riding-pony-part-2-corgi-hops-on-pony-and-goes-for-a-ride.html" target="_blank">hitch a ride</a>!

Watch as mama pug is riding in the front seat of the toy truck enjoying the bumpy ride, while her little pup is attempting to get back on. It is hilarious how the boy is pressing them pedals and pulling the toy truck not realizing that the little pug is struggling to keep up with their pace! He is obviously so proud to have the honor to drive his little pups around the neighborhood, that he doesn’t realize that the fallen pug puppy wants back on the ride! Hilarious!