Pugs Hitch Their Wagon To A Bike And Enjoy The Bumpy Ride

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Published: March 16, 2017

An adorable footage has emerged featuring a boy driving his bicycle pulling two toy trucks loaded with adorable baby pugs. Pugs have hitched their wagon to a bike and enjoy the bumpy ride, while their mom is tagging along, leading the way! What a cute little family!

Pulling five pugs is not as easy as it sounds. This boy puts a lot of effort into pulling them pugs on his hand-made puppy train.This creative boy has come up with an excellent idea on how to drive his five pugs all at once, as he connected two toy trucks to his bike with a string and loaded the puppies inside.

Footage shows the little boy driving a training wheel bike while a tiny adorable pug face is enjoying the ride, comfortably seated in the bike basket. Behind him, we see two tiny toy trucks tied to the bicycle, carrying the rest of the pugs. There are three pug heads peeking from the first truck, happy to have hitched a ride!

The last puppy pug is riding in the back seat of the second toy truck enjoying the bumpy ride. The mother of these adorable pugs can be seen tagging along and leading the way. The boy is pressing them pedals and pulling them five pugs, humming in the process. He is obviously so proud to have the honor to drive his little pups around the neighborhood!

Moments later, we see pugs pouring out from the first truck and quickly rushing to race in front of the bike. What a wonderful moment!

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