Lazy Corgi Hitched His Wagon To A Pony For A Bumpy Ride

Published March 1, 2018 64 Plays

Rumble A curious video has emerged showing the funny moment when one lazy Corgi pooch decides to hop on a pony and go for a ride. How did the Corgi dog ride the pony? The answer is finally revealed in this video!

Footage was filmed by Callie Schenker who saw this unusual sight when she came back home. Apparently, while she was out and about, her lovely one-eyed pony Cricket was outside mingling and making friends with new animals. The animal in question is actually her neighbor’s dog.

The sight that greeted Callie was so hilarious, so she decided to take a video of it. The footage shows the little pupper, a beautiful Corgi, struggling to perch atop Cricket, looking as if it has no care in the world. Watch as the friendly pony accepts the uninvited intruder to stomp on his back, while the doggo is comfortably nested on pony’s back, riding it like human.

According to Callie, the pupper is an almost regular guest in their house, although they don’t see much of his owners. The Corgi is actually used to roaming the land around his house, making himself at home everywhere, even on her pony’s back.

Ever Since she posted the video online, it went viral, along with the many questions about the state of the doggo and the pony. People wanted to know if the pup was well taken care of or if he was abused and they also wanted to know whether the missing eye on her pony had anything to do with the Corgi. Callie responded that everything is absolutely fine and that the only thing happening is that these two have become the best friends no one ever expected them to be.