Goose trained to fetch keys on command

Published February 23, 2016 5,757 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGeese grow at a remarkable pace, and pretty soon, even the heaviest worm would not be a match for this obedient bird. He will be fetching that worm or whether it is fish, like a joke. In the meantime, the owner will enjoy watching his adorable struggle.

We all know how pups will do anything to please their humans, from learning new tricks and performing them with highest honors, to making faces and doing silly things around the house. There are many canine breeds that take the award for being the fastest learners, which makes them the ideal pet for dull folks. However, we are yet to hear about birds being able to do such tricks and this is only the start for birds all over the world.

Teaching your bird a few tricks is always a great idea. You start by teaching them some basic commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘heel’.These will make sure that your pet always understands the authority in the pack that is your family, keeping you cool and itself secure. Not that we have any way of telling how this guy got his bird to try and get the keys of the hanger.

But if you can only teach your bird one trick in its whole life, then you better train it to fetch you a beer! Sure, keys are cool, but would you really trade it for a cool beer bottle? And as anyone loves good praise, the excitement in your voice when that cool bubbly refreshment comes down with a little bit of bird slobber on it makes the whole struggle of pulling a rag and poking its nose into a cool fridge worth the while! Besides, hey, it fetches!

Kyle is definitely not your average goose. He was rescued after being abandoned as a baby and now has a regular 9 to 5 job. One of his responsibilities is to fetch the keys for his owner, which he sort of does if you remember to be a bit lenient with the result and of course if you take into consideration that he is not a dog! Well it is always cool to see other animals other than the usual cat or dog live along side a human. Especially when the bird has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, we mean wings. Ether way, take a look at how this bird manages to get the keys of the hanger after being told, well, 5 or 6 times! Enjoy!


  • Jstohr, 4 years ago

    This goose has more personality then you could believe, he flys in formation with the boat daily, a local neighborhood celebrity, "Kyle" is your not so average average goose. Follow all his antics and incredible footage at instagram name: kylethegoose

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