Creepy Snowman Pranks Unsuspecting Victims

Published October 29, 2015 38,994 Plays

Rumble / PranksFreaky the Evil Snowman has made his way back to Newport, Rhode Island again this year to harvest some more screams for his collection. Everybody's reaction is simply priceless!

If you haven’t seen the “Scary Snowman” pranks by now, you might just be living under a rock. A man hides in a scary-looking snowman costume and scares the guts out of unsuspecting people passing by. Now he is back and as startling as ever. Freaky is creating some hilariously funny scares and fortunately for us, we get to experience it all on camera!

Freaky stands on a busy street corner, as customers hit all its quaint little shops nearby. Described as Frosty’s evil twin, the snowman can be seen terrorizing people who all seem to scream out at the evil one.

Some of the innocent pedestrians are minding their own business while others seem intrigued by the strange presence. Almost all belt out when the still costume makes a sudden move. He even puzzles some with the noise of flatulence that is equally funny.

The prankster is Jay Karl and is part of the Scary Snowman YouTube channel, which has apparently been going for six seasons. This isn’t the first time Rhode Island has been pranked by this evil snowman. No matter how many times he revisits, the laughs get funnier and funnier.

Watching this man, dressed as a snowman, standing motionless until unsuspecting shoppers approach, and suddenly scaring the sugarplums out of them is indeed freaky.