Dinosaur prank scares unsuspecting victims

Published June 5, 2014 1,348,469 Views

Rumble / PranksThe crew that brought us the Scary Snowman last year are back again to haunt our dreams, but this time, it is something we all though is ancient and long extinct!

The Prank Bros teamed up with KHAEntertainment to pull off this epic dinosaur prank. Using a nest with eggs in it as bait, a mother dinosaur jumped out of the bushes every time pedestrians got too close. Some of the reactions were absolutely priceless.

There is a split second where every single person that fell victim to this heartless prank suspended all rational thought and believed that dinosaurs are back again. It's Jurrasic Park, people! Thankfully, that T-Rex mask is too ridiculous to look real, not to mention the pair of human legs on the bottom, even though they are clad in black.

We are surprised that not one of those people that came across on their bikes or roller blades fell over! But the best victims have to be the two gentlemen who just stood there as the dinosaur emerged, looked at it for a moment and burst out laughing!

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Filmed on the Bike Path in Barrington, Rhode Island.
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Music, Intro: Enerjohn.